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The goal of All About Children, LLC is to deliver valuable and comprehensive Early Intervention services to parents/caregivers of children with developmental delays and disabilities. We do this by teaching parents/caregivers strategies to enhance their child’s development through everyday learning opportunities.

Throughout the Early Intervention process employees of All About Children, LLC will EDUCATE, EMPOWER and ADVOCATE for children with Developmental Delays and Disabilities as well as their families to ensure that each child has the opportunity to meet a maximized level of independence.

Support to Families

 All About Children, LLC  works diligently to ensure that the child's parents, primary caregiver, and  extended family (if need be) are involved in decision making at every level of the design, implementation, and evaluation of their child’s Early Intervention Services. 

Special Instruction/FT

Special Instruction/Family Training is a service designed to teach parents and caregivers techniques to assist their child with meeting their developmental milestones.  Early Interventionist will demonstrate and/or model ways to utilize toys and objects around the home to teach each child through play.

Case Management​

Case Management is an additional service provided by Early Intervention Specialist.  This service involves completing developmental assessments at the beginning and all throughout a child's  time in the Early Intervention Program.  Case Management also includes coordination of therapy services (if needed) as well as connecting with other healthcare and developmental professionals providers that can enhance the child's growth,  to include referrals to local school districts.

For Information on the referral process please contact us by phone or email !!!!

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