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All About Children, LLC will comply with all CDC Guidelines regarding preventing the spread of the Coronovirus.  In order to do this Family Training Activities and Interactions will be delivered in more creative ways.  For Traditional Face to Face Visits our Early Interventionist are required to wear safety gear (face coverings, gloves and protective eye wear).  We will hand sanitize before, after, and during visits.  We will also have disinfectant wipes readily available to disinfect items that are used during visit. This is for our safety, as well as you and your child.

We are also offering the option of TELEHEALTH SERVICES.  Theses are visits that can be conducted by virtual means (DUO, GOOGLE MEETS, ZOOM, etc.). We can also disseminate learning activities/resources weekly that can be reviewed via telephone call to provide verbal instruction to parent on how to implement those activities during the week.

Family Training Activities

Learning Through play is so much fun!!!  Research has shown that children learn best from their parents/caregivers and by natural experiences in their natural environment throughout their daily routines.

Enjoy the video link below for  interactive stories to view with your child as well as some great interactive craft ideas.  This link gives you free access:

Developmental Assessments

Hawaii Early Learning Profile

Carolina Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers

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